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Minecraft in

Jarosław Maciejewski Minecraft in Important information Currently writing article works with Minecraft 1.16 Currently, Mineways does not export and cannot see the following [do not put them on your map in Minecraft]: the inscriptions on the boards book on the landing candles [candles, *_candle] [added in MC 1.17] boat minecart spore_bloosom hanging_roots glow_lichen *amethyst* […]

A book on creating a bot in Second Life

I am pleased to announce that my book on creating bots in Second Life using Corrade software has been published, entitled: “Technical aspects of creating a bot in the virtual world of Second Life”. The Polish version is available at: English version is available at: Additional materials for the book: Powered By […]

Video research article in Medialica

I am pleased to inform you that my scientific video article “Boty in the electronic world of Second Life” was included in the scientific multimedia periodical “Medialica” No. 7/2020, which is run by the UMCS University in Lublin. Link to the video article:,-boty-w-elektronicznym-swiecie-second-life/

Nitro Position Recorder for Second Life

This HUD allows to save current position to list. I use it to determining the shape of the plot for the bot (is inside plot or outside bot). Attach it as HUD and while you walk save position. Icons: Floopy disk – save current position to list, Trash can with yellow letter ‘L’ – delete […]

Science article in “Culture and History”

I am pleased to inform, that my science article about artistic bots in the virtual world of the Second Life was published in the scientific journal “Culture and History” No. 37/2020 edited by Professor Andrzej Radomski from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin. Below I present a copy of an article from the journal’s […]

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