Leonardo De ArtBot has come to Second Life

  After many years, the artistic bot (artbot) Leonardo De ArtBot decided to visit the electronic world of Second Life. Leonardo from 04/16/2020 – 06/02/2020 will present his and not his three works: RandomArt, Hemmed, VoxelArt. Visit Leonardo, admire his work and / also listen to music. Don’t forget to complete the survey. You will

Second Life portal of the airline LOT LOT

PL LOT – a virtual airline operating under the Second Life virtual environment. The line was founded in 2017. The name of the airline refers to the original name of Polish Airlines LOT – PLL LOT. The virtual airline was closed on December 31, 2018 due to the lack of passenger interest. PL LOT offered

Xerte Online Toolkits

Xerte Online Toolkits Xerte Online Toolkits is an award winning suite of browser-based tools that allow anyone with a web browser to create interactive learning materials quickly and easily. Content can be delivered to all devices using standards compliant HTML5 and a responsive template can deliver material to both small screens and large desktop computers.

Nitro RAD WiFiConnect

Program allows you to easy installation / uninstallation of a certificate and a WiFi network profile from the GUI or the command line, where user authentication is done using a RADIUS server. This allows the network administrator to create a package ZIP includes this program, profile and certificate file which allows users to easy log