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MineTest – TrainTimeTable

MINETEST RAILWAY CONNECTIONS SEARCH ENGINE Description MineTest Railway Connections Search Engine is tool which allows to search train connections between the railway stations of interest to us. It using MapServer and MapServer MOD to download train lines (defined earlier by mapserver:train blocks) and saved train lines (with distances and travel time) and connections between cities (based on train lines) […]

MineTest – Sound Block

Description It’s mod for MineTest game which allows to play any OGG file in game. Settings Copy OGG file to mesecons_soundblocksounds folder. Take soundblock (type /give mesecons_soundblock:block on the chat or search block in the inventory). Place soundblock on the ground. Click right button of mouse on soundblock – it opens configuration window. Channel – […]


NitroANP is a program written in C # that graphically supports the Automatic Scouting Machine for SCS for Train Driver 2. The program can be downloaded from here.


SWDR3 is a program supporting the work of the Duty Officer in Train Driver 2. It was written in C #. Page showing commands in HTML, CSS, jQuery. Technologies: C #, HTML, CSS, jQuery.

Nitro RAD WiFiConnect

The program allows you to easily install / uninstall the certificate and WiFi network profile from the GUI level or the command line, where user authentication is performed using a RADIUS server. This allows the network administrator to create a ZIP bundle with the application that will allow users to install the WiFi network certificate […]

Moodle .::. NitroReportPDF

NitroReportPDF is a plugin for Moodle that allows you to generate a PDF file as well as XLS, XLSX and a ZIP archive that contain the quiz data. INSTALLATION Download the ZIP archive Extract Copy the ‘nitroreportpdf’ folder to the [moodle directory] / mod / quiz / report directory on the server Recursively change the […]


NitroSWDR is an integrated program for universal issuance of written orders used in rail transport. In addition, it allows you to: – searching for distances between given objects on the track – self-control of derailments

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