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Minecraft in FrameVR.io

Jarosław Maciejewski Minecraft in FrameVR.io Important information Currently writing article works with Minecraft 1.16 Currently, Mineways does not export and cannot see the following [do not put them on your map in Minecraft]: the inscriptions on the boards book on the landing candles [candles, *_candle] [added in MC 1.17] boat minecart spore_bloosom hanging_roots glow_lichen *amethyst* […]

A book on creating a bot in Second Life

I am pleased to announce that my book on creating bots in Second Life using Corrade software has been published, entitled: “Technical aspects of creating a bot in the virtual world of Second Life”. The Polish version is available at: https://zenodo.org/record/4729023The English version is available at: https://zenodo.org/record/4729025 Additional materials for the book: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tjr7q0ed1txpwei/additional+materials+-+2021-05-01.zip/file Powered By […]

Video research article in Medialica

I am pleased to inform you that my scientific video article “Boty in the electronic world of Second Life” was included in the scientific multimedia periodical “Medialica” No. 7/2020, which is run by the UMCS University in Lublin. Link to the video article: http://medialica.umcs.lublin.pl/2021/01/10/jaroslaw-maciejewski,-boty-w-elektronicznym-swiecie-second-life/ https://youtu.be/HPjzNNAABUU

Nitro Position Recorder for Second Life

This HUD allows to save current position to list. I use it to determining the shape of the plot for the bot (is inside plot or outside bot). Attach it as HUD and while you walk save position. Icons: Floopy disk – save current position to list, Trash can with yellow letter ‘L’ – delete […]

Science article in “Culture and History”

I am pleased to inform, that my science article about artistic bots in the virtual world of the Second Life was published in the scientific journal “Culture and History” No. 37/2020 edited by Professor Andrzej Radomski from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin. Below I present a copy of an article from the journal’s […]

MineTest – TrainTimeTable

MINETEST RAILWAY CONNECTIONS SEARCH ENGINE Description MineTest Railway Connections Search Engine is tool which allows to search train connections between the railway stations of interest to us. It using MapServer and MapServer MOD to download train lines (defined earlier by mapserver:train blocks) and saved train lines (with distances and travel time) and connections between cities (based on train lines) […]

MineTest – Sound Block

Description It’s mod for MineTest game which allows to play any OGG file in game. Settings Copy OGG file to mesecons_soundblocksounds folder. Take soundblock (type /give mesecons_soundblock:block on the chat or search block in the inventory). Place soundblock on the ground. Click right button of mouse on soundblock – it opens configuration window. Channel – […]

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