PARP – Polish Agency for Enterprise Development



CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals

Certificate of completion "Teachers Teaching Online",
22.08.2014, Jason R Levine, WizIQ Platform

A certificate of completion of series lesson "Sieciaki"
about Internet safety in Primary School, 07.06.2014

Graduate studies in terms of psychological – pedagogical,
The Academy of Management and Administration in Opole, 18.02.2013

Certificate Economic Education Portal
"Academy teaching skills", 02.11.2012
Certificate PARP, "Basics of e-learning for training companies", 20.08.2014
Certificate PARP, "Building e-learning courses for your organization", 20.08.2014
Certificate PARP, "Training content in the formula on-line", 20.08.2014
Certificate PARP, "Creating e-learning based on scenarios", 20.08.2014
Certificate PARP, "Training e-learning as a process of mentoring", 20.08.2014
Certificate PARP, "Blended learning​", 20.08.2014

Certificate PARP "Obtaining EU funding for projects in SME", 25.05.2013

Certificate PARP "Management skills", 20.05.2013

Certificate PARP "How to start your own business", 19.05.2013

Certificate PARP "The business plan", 18.05.2013​
Certificate Economic Education Portal "Basics of entrepreneurship" Certificate Economic Education Portal "World of finance"