§ 1

This license agreement is concluded between a person or company having a legally acquired copy of the Nitro NFC Program Reader & Writer software or Nitro NFC Library software, hereinafter referred to as the Licensee and the author of the software – Jarosław Maciejewski hereinafter referred to as the Licensor, who grants permission to use said software in exchange for acceptance of the terms contained in this license.

§ 2

  1. The licensee is required to read this license thoroughly before using the software. If the Licensee does not agree with the terms of the license, he is obliged to cease using the said software and return the license key (if any) to the Licensor.
  2. By using the software, you agree to the terms set out in this license.
  3. Licensee agrees to continuous control of the licensor’s compliance with the terms of this license.

§ 3

About programs

  1. The subject of the license is a computer program under the name Nitro NFC Program Reader & Writer or Nitro NFC Library.
  2. Nitro NFC Program Reader & Writer is example program showing how using Nitro NFC Library – read and write NFC the data from Android device using Bluetooth or MQTT Server.
  3. Nitro NFC Library is library written in Java, which allows on send and write the data on NFC tag using Android device via Bluetooth or MQTT Server.
  4. The program and library may be extended with additional functionalities not listed in the license.
  5. The Nitro NFC Program Reader & Writer program and Nitro NFC Library was created “is how it is”, the Licensor does not give any guarantee that the program will work properly on a given computer, so the Licensee uses the above-mentioned program at its own risk.
  6. The software is licensed as a whole.
  7. The program does not have instructions for using the software.
  8. The software is compatible mainly with Java 9+ and it was tested on Windows 10 system. On others system this software can be run without any errors.

§ 4

Rules for granting a license

Types of licenses:

  • Trial – limited version to 30 days. It allows to get acquainted with functions program and library, after expired time program is blocked.
  • E-subscription – limited version with any restrictions in functions but limited in time expired.
  • Full version – no limited version with any restrictions in functions and time expired.

§ 5

Licensee’s obligations

  1. Licensee agrees to use one license that is assigned to an email address. The number of computers on which the license can be run determines the Licensor.
  2. Licensee agrees not to decompile the program, violate program security, disclose data necessary to activate the program.
  3. The Licensee has all the obligations to verify the correctness of the data entered into the program.

§ 6

  1. Nitro NFC Reader&Writer Program and Nitro NFC library can be downloaded at
  2. The following sections of the program will also be published in relevant sections on these pages.

§ 7

Privacy policy

  1. The Licensor will retain as far as it is able and with technological capabilities to protect the privacy of its Licensees.
  2. The licensor declares that all e-mail addresses to which licenses are assigned will not be used for marketing purposes, nor will they be transferred to third parties or companies.
  3. The program collects the following data:
    1. e-mail
    2. license key
    3. information about the computer and system on which the program is running in the form of a one-way hash function (hash)
    4. IP address
  4. The above data is needed by the licensor:
    1. to verify the correctness of keys assigned to the Licensees,
    2. verification of the number and unique hash of the computers to which it is assigned
  5. Data Administrator is Jarosław Maciejewski ()
  6. Program and library no store any private information about these users.


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