LOKMAP – engineering thesis

Work created as part of the engineering thesis “Social portal with geolocation”, PWSZ, 2011.


  • management system for the most important news on the website
  • ad management system
  • displaying recently registered users
  • preview photos using LightBox2
  • messaging system (writing to friends, inbox, messages sent to the trash, deleting / moving messages to the trash)
  • system of inviting a person to friends, displaying a friend’s friends, the ability to send an invitation via an icon, list of received and sent invitations
  • permission system for galleries and photos
  • managing groups of friends
  • user profile (name, surname, email, city, telephone number, language, photo)
  • additional paid services (Premium) – SMS notification about a new message on the portal, a new invitation. Service via DotPay. The number of notifications purchased can be summed up. Page with information about payment statuses.
  • Ways to tag geotags: (download as track)
    • getting data from GPS via Java API – Location API JSR-179 [this method of marking is currently obsolete]
    • download by GPS as a track.
  • automatic tagging of photos by the camera (more modern way)
  • managing galleries and their permissions, displaying photos on a Google Maps map
  • various administrative options: ReCaptcha keys, Google Maps, GSMservice, Dotpay, mail dispatch, event log, other
    transaction and user search engine

Production technologies: PHP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Lightbox, JAR, Pascal

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LOKMAP – engineering thesis
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