Medical portal for doctors and patients

Medical portal for patients and doctors.

Content (main features):

  • finding doctors
  • doctor’s profile, prices of procedures, list of offices, booking appointments with doctors
  • registration form for doctor and patient
  • e-pharmacy – online store
  • patient
    • diagnostic and consultation card
    • connecting the account to the online store
    • history of visits made with the possibility of previewing and printing photos
    • prescription preview
    • adding children to your own insurance, exporting child data as an independent account
  • doctor
    • list of patients’ visits to a given office
    • service of multiple offices
    • service of a given office by a given co-owner
    • management of assistants – receptionists
    • management of co-owners of the office
    • each office – a separate schedule, patient, admission hours
    • handy actions – a list of the most frequently conducted interviews, procedures, diagnoses and prescribed medications
    • summary of points for individual months
    • patient finder
    • patient profile – visits, prescriptions, children
    • postponing visits
    • printing certificates and prescriptions, saving to a PDF file
  • Assistant
    • choosing a surgery, doctor’s schedule (reservations), adding patient accounts
  • Administrator
    • settings for mail, portal, email templates, login details, company details
    • list of debtors, doctors, invoices

Implementation technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, mpdf

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Medical portal for doctors and patients
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