Second Life is the portal of the virtual airline PL LOT

PL LOT – a virtual airline operating within the Second Life virtual environment.

The line was established in 2017.

The name of the airline refers to the original name of the Polish Airlines LOT Polish Airlines.

The virtual airline was closed on December 31, 2018 due to the lack of interest of passengers.

LOT Polish Airlines offered free scheduled flights, announced by the “Passengers of SL” group, and the possibility of public and private plane rental. All flights were offered on a pay if you want basis where a tip for the flight was welcome.

LOT had a position at Second Norway Airport.

Main airports of PL LOT flights:

  • Aleksandr International Airport (SLAI)
  • Angels Airport (SLAN)
  • Arimto Airport (SLAY)
  • Braniff-Unity Chamonix Reg Airport (SLBU)
  • Cheerport Airport & Marina (SLCS)
  • CinSal Airport (SLMS)
  • Delchdork Regional Airport and Amusement Park (SLDR)
  • East River Intercontinental Airport (SLEI)
  • Fiji Island Airport (SLFI)
  • Half Moon Bay Regional Airport (SLMB)
  • Hollywood Airport (SLHA)
  • Jorgie Airport International (SJAI)
  • Kierna Rise Airstrip (SLKA)
  • New Horizons Airport (SLNH)
  • Second Life International Airport (SLIA)
  • Second Norway Lufthavn (SLSN)
  • White Star Airfield (SLWS)

In the fleet of PL LOT, in addition to the company car, the virtual airline had one Boeing 737-200 (Dani version) in the PLL LOT painting.

Today, flights are still in operation but less frequent.

The driving force of PL LOT was a bot based on the Corrade software. It allowed and still allows various information to be obtained via public chat, group chat or IM. In addition to managing a bot / avatar, it allows you to obtain wind power information in the region where the bot is located, order food and drink on-board via the website, obtain a landmark of the airport, etc. It is more advanced than the current ATC bots in Second Life.

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Second Life is the portal of the virtual airline PL LOT
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