Xerte Online Toolkits

Xerte Online Toolkits is a web-based tool for quick and easy placement of training materials. Materials can be enriched with Xerte materials.

Translated into Polish

website WWW

How to install?

  • Download the development version: https://github.com/thexerteproject/xerteonlinetoolkits/archive/develop.zip,
  • unpack on the web server,
  • create a database
  • load the XOT page in the browser,
  • follow the on-screen instructions
  • Log in to http://xertetrans.xerte.org.uk/index.php login and password: guest
  • Select Polish from the list
  • Click both buttons: Generate XOT Package and Generate Xerte Package
  • load both zip files via the admin page – add /management.php to the end of the address,
  • Sign In,
  • then load both in turn as language files
  • if you get a message saying something is wrong, try again
Xerte Online Toolkits
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